Courses & Career Counselling

IAEC’s Counselling is free

With more than two decades of experience, IAEC is moving ahead steadily with clear vision in its noble deeds. All our six ambitiously and successfully running branches in Hyderabad counsel the study abroad aspirants in choosing the right country, right university and the right course suiting their different kinds of profiles.

Visit one of our branches nearest to you for a free session.

At IAEC, Our Counsellors guide you with the following:

  • Guiding in IELTS / TOEFL preparation
  • Suggesting the right course
  • Choosing the country
  • Shortlisting the Universities
  • Securing the best scholarships
  • Getting the right Internships
  • Assisting in the Admission Process
  • Writing SOP
  • Getting LORs
  • Uploading the documentation
  • Assisting in your loan process
  • Guiding in Visa Process
  • Conducting mock interviews for VISA
  • Pre-Departure Orientation

IAEC doesn’t leave you in the middle; you will be guided until you land in your new country.

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