Recruit the students of high profile from diverse nationalities. Surpass your student recruitment goals by expanding your horizons through our channels.

IAEC is a brand
With over two decades of experience, IAEC stands upright among its competitors. We have won the confidence of hundreds of Universities across the globe. The list of our tie ups with 250 Universities is the testimony of our sincerity, dedication and success.
Marketing Strategies
Expand your reach for genuine international students through our marketing strategies such as creative online campaigns and in-person events which enhance the visibility of your innovative courses, scholarships, Assistantships, sprawling Campuses, state-of-the-art labs, highly experienced faculty and many more.
Simplified Student Screening
Our trained staff sends you the applications of eligible students only after a thorough check. We pick only the genuine students with all genuine credentials. So you can relax and focus on other important things.
Multi-cultural Environment
Diversify your classrooms with students from different countries and cultures. It adds the global value to your Institution. Our meticulous selection process boosts the retentions and longevity of the students.
Our Focus
The focus is on continuous up-gradation of the following four fundamentals – Knowledge, Care and concern for students, Problem solving skills and Timeliness. This is permeated into the entire structure and all the processes of the company and hence gets translated into generating Confidence, Comfort, Hope and Satisfaction to the students.
Ethical Recruitment Policy (ERP)
We have resolved that the recruitment into a course/university is solely based on student academic priorities and budgetary preferences with proper explanation of career choices  available.

IAEC’s University tie-ups

At present we are representing 250+ Universities globally.

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