US / UK / Australia: Counsellor - JD

  • Responsible for counselling foreign education aspirants (for BS and MS) based on academic background, experience and financial status.
  • Advise on meeting the country and universities requirements.
  • Assist on educational loans for studying abroad.
  • Initiate process for admissions at Universities and secure admissions
  • Advise and help students apply for scholarships, assistantships etc
  • Assist and prepare file for student visa application.
  • Maintain student data and produce accurate weekly, fortnight and monthly reports, for progress.

Process Executive - JD

  • Fill student applications for different universities on university sites and agent portals
  • Tracking emails and check for any pending documents
  • To follow up with university regarding their application updates for admits
  • Secure I-20s / admissions
  • Explain students regarding the visa process and take them through the same
  • Prepare students for visa interview
  • Fill Visa application forms

SOP Writer / Content Writer - JD

A) To write content for

  • Face book postings
  • Company Blog
  • Moderator in Face book live

B) Coordinate with Branch Managers to generate content and distribute Digital Marketing leads.

Lead Generation Manager – JD

  • Study all the existing lead generation activities at IAEC and focus on their continuous improvement
  • Coordinate with the existing Lead generation / marketing team members and assist them in increasing their productivity
  • Develop new lead generation ideas by checking lead generation strategies in other industries (By reading materials and taking interviews)
  • Study each new lead generation strategy, fine tune it to our industry and implement it. (Plan required Men, Material, Money, Training etc)
  • For every new lead generation strategy, personally get involved & then appoint subordinates
  • Must generate leads from every marketing / lead generation activity and for every product / service offered by IAEC
  • Submit lead generation reports on a daily basis
  • Can appoint subordinates for each activity at appropriate time and get work done by them
  • Must
    • Continuously fine tune the lead generation activities and show increase in number of leads
    • Continuously add new lead generation activities
    • Ensure that lead generation team’s targets are met

Financial Guidance Expert – JD

  • Advise and take students and their parents through the financial aspects required for the student visa – USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc

Audit Executives – JD

An audit executive is responsible for conducting internal audits according to audit plans.

  • Leads audit
  • Sales conversions audit
  • Process audit

College Marketing Executive (Colleges) – JD

  • Visit colleges and conduct seminars on foreign education
  • Promote IAEC events in the colleges
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