Forex (Foreign Exchange)

Forex (Foreign Exchange)

Do you know who the best friend of an international student is?

. .. . . . . . … .. ……. Still guessing?

It’s Forex Card.

“Confused?”, let me explain.

Forex is the short form of Foreign Exchange.

It’s like your Debit/Credit card, but can be used to make payments abroad in local currencies. For example, if you are in the US, you pay your bills of the Hospitals, Restaurants and Shopping Malls etc. in US dollars.

It’s a card you recharge before leaving for a foreign country. It is an efficient and safe option to carry the Forex Card when you travel to foreign countries.

Advantages of Forex Card

With this card, you can obtain cash at an ATM in the local currency.

Forex Cards are available in numerous currencies. You can get your card in your required currency.

The ISIS Forex Plus Card is recognized across the globe.

The card can instantly be recharged through Net banking.

In the event of loss or damage or malfunctioning or technical issues, you can contact bank’s helpline to get emergency cash service.

Popular Forex Cards for International Students

  • Wise Borderless Card
  • Niyo Global Card
  • Axis Bank Forex Card
  • HDFC Forex Cards
  • ICICI Forex Cards
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